The Samsung app teardown suggests new Galaxy buds Pro variant coming soon

When it comes to truly wireless earbuds, Samsung has some of the best products in the market. Now, an APK teardown of the Galaxy Wearable app by Android Police has revealed that Samsung is possibly readying the Galaxy Buds 2. It seems that the company is preparing a new Galaxy Bids lineup. The app which has provided the details is mainly used to connect the Samsung wearables and phones. 

The app is constantly updated to add in the details and features of the new wearables that are launched. This time, it’s the rumored Galaxy Buds 2, which has been added to the feature set of the app. The earbuds were found in the app with the codename “berry” and are able to connect with multiple devices. The apk teardown also confirms that it is a new product that does not relate to any older models. Apart from this, it has also confirmed that the new TWS from Samsgin will also easily connect to other non-Samsung smart devices. 

YouTube video

There is currently no confirmation from Samsung on the same, and neither have they confirmed working on any such device. However, there is a lot of upcoming Samsung events lineup this year and it is going to bring a lot of new products in the market as well. It might be the case that Samsung will launch the new TES in the Q2 of this year. There is not much information about these and it is expected it will carry some unique and trademark features of Buds Pro as well.

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