Samsung deletes post where they mocked Apple for not including the charger in the box

We all remember the time the iPhone 12 series was launched by Apple and customers had mixed reactions about the exclusion of the charger and headphones. At that time, many companies came on social media to mock the tech giant for removing the most important accessory on the phone and the one that made the most noise about it was Samsung. However, after the launch of the iPhone 12 series, news started coming in that even Samsung might follow the same trend and remove the chargers from their next premium flagship phones. 

These might still be rumors but Samsung has recently deleted the post in which they recently mocked Apple by showing that its smartphones come with a Galaxy charger, unlike iPhones. It is one of the biggest proof that the company might be following in the same footsteps as well. Apple has already announced that they will be following the same trend in the future as well and will not include the charger and accessories to reduce the use of plastic. 

The post that Samsung deleted had this mentioned on it, “Our Galaxy phone can provide you with everything you need from the basic charger to the best camera, battery performance, and memory.” Ever since the deletion of this post, it is almost confirmed that we will be seeing the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S21 series without a charger in the box. We will have to wait on how Samsung fans react to this, but there is also a possibility that other companies might follow in the same footsteps in the future.

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