Samsung Galaxy S22 to come with 25W fast charging, with the high-end variant supporting 45W fast charging

Samsung Galaxy S22 series is on its way and will soon be launched by Samsung. We already know that it is going to come with a lot of new features, better hardware, and a great design, but the only thing that was left unchanged was the fast charging technology. The smartphone came with only 25W fast charging technology till now and the same was reported to continue in the Galaxy S22 series as well. 

However, as per the new details, it seems that Samsung is finally going to up their game and add 45W fast charging to their new smartphone. The catch is that it will only be available in the high-end variant, which is the Samsung Galaxy S22 Note/Ultra variant. Apart from this, the other two variants will only come with 25W fast charging support, which is a bit disappointing looking at the price they come up at. Also, the vanilla variant of the smartphone will only come with a 3,700 mAh battery, which is less compared to the battery capacity offered by smartphones at present. 

The vanilla S22 is expected to charge the smartphone in 70 minutes with 25W fast charging. Also, since Samsung is not providing the charger inside the box, the users will have to purchase them separately, especially the charger with 45W fast charging. The smartphone will be launched on February 9 but the phone might not be available for sale immediately. It is expected that the S22 Note/Ultra variant will be made available for sale immediately after launch, while the S22 and S22+ variants will be made available for sale after a short delay.


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