Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 might come with a LED light strip on the hinge.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2 has been one of the most highlighted phones of the year ever since its launch. Also, one of the most interesting features of the phone that Samsung will be adding to the device is to customize the hinge with custom colors, something which has never been done before. The feature has started making news as soon as a patent filed by WIPO came into existence. This indicates that Samsung might have planned a lot more for version 3 of Galaxy Fold. 

What the patent exactly reveals is that a light strip will be added to the hinge, which will be illuminated in full RGB color. It will have six LEDs providing lights as well as a layer to diffuse the light and make it look smooth. Since the patent shows the design to have multiple LEDs, it might give the users an option to customize it and select out of various color options available in the LED strip. The light strip will act as a notification light and will be a much bigger one. The light is supposed to make the phone easier to spot when compared to the always-on display. 

YouTube video

We can expect the feature to show in version 3 of the new Galaxy fold next year, where the company also promised to launch a lite version of these flagships as well. No matter which features they add to the Fold series, this LED light would surely make the phone stand out from the rest.


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