Samsung’s The Wall MicroLED TV is now on sale worldwide, the price has still not been revealed

Samsung is known to make some of the best displays in the industry and when they released the biggest MicroLED TV last year, it was certain that there is nothing Samsung cannot do in terms of display. The Wall is a unique offering from Samsung when we talk about a TV. It does not belong to the competition to the existing market and provides the user with inches of large screen size with 16K resolution. The company is already working on the new Wall 2 which will be the second version of this TV and will be 40% smaller with the same screen size. 

Samsung expects to get more color uniformity and higher contrast in the next-generation device. The Wall is not a consumer TV but is usually used for commercial purposes such as offices or buildings. Now the Wall will be available for sale worldwide and consumers will be able to buy it easily. Samsung has not confirmed any details about the pricing of the TV and it is not publically available as well. The first generation of Wall had a price tag of $156,000 for the 110-inch version; it is expected that the Wall will cost around the same price this year as well. 

However, it is still doubtful that the price will remain the same for business users and normal users. It seems that Samsung is keeping the price in wraps but it is expected that they will soon reveal the same. So if you have an office which needs this large screen TV and you are willing to spend on the price, it is one of the best technologies it can offer right now.


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