Samsung might be working on a new phone with a stretchable and rollable screen.

Samsung has been known to provide some excellent phones with new hardware specs and design and this time the company has rolled out a teaser that shows a rollable screen smartphone. Although foldable screens and smartphones are still on their way to become perfect and roll out in huge numbers, that will not stop Samsung from creating new designs and smartphones. Samsung’s vice-chairman Lee Jae-Yong was spotted with a mystery phone that led to a lot of speculations about a phone with a rollable display, during his visit to the company’s research and development center in Seoul, South Korea. 

Samsung has always been the one to break the monotony of smartphone design and provide something that is very different in looks and experience for the users. The handset that has been speculated about, has a big screen and front and also a stretchable one. Samsung has also filed a patent for the same and is expected to create a phone using the same technology which could make a 6-inch phone into an 8-inch phone when required. The phone will also be using a flexible plastic panel for the same and something Samsung has expertise on. 

YouTube video

However, it has not yet been confirmed by the tech giant. It’s not just Samsung, but even LG is working on a smartphone with a stretchable display with TCL not too far behind. It would be interesting to see how these companies place these phones with foldable or dual-screen phones in the market. However, it will definitely come with a very high price tag.

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