Samsung might release a more affordable Galaxy Z Fold Lite.

Samsung Galaxy Fold has been one of a kind foldable phone in its category and a lot of users appreciated it for the design and functionality. However, due to the very high price point of the smartphone, not many users were able to get their hands on it. Now the company has launched the all-new Galaxy Z Fold 2 smartphone, which is a costlier and better successor to the Galaxy Fold. However, it is still not under a price tag that many people would prefer to buy. Samsung does understand that and it was long rumored after Galaxy Fold, that the company is looking to build a more affordable foldable device for Samsung users.

Now a new device has surfaced, code names SM-F415F, which is expected to be the affordable foldable smartphone that consumers were expecting from Samsung. The Galaxy Z Fold Lite, as people are calling it right now, but is not the official name, would appear to be a cheaper and more affordable version of Galaxy Z Fold 2 smartphone. It is also expected that the launch price of the device will be much lower than both the foldable device launched till now. The model number has also been spotted on some of the support pages for Samsung which confirms the Lite version of the foldable smartphone. 

The rumors speculated that the affordable version will have the Snapdragon 855 chipset, but will not have 5G connectivity or Ultra-thin glass layer to cut down on price. There are a lot more features that we can see removed in the handset and the price could be expected to be somewhere around $1,100, which will be way less than the original Galaxy Fold and Z Fold 2. There is no official announcement or details about the phone from the company yet, but we can expect the company to announce the device by the end of the year.


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