Samsung will not use the new 200MP camera sensor in Galaxy S22 Ultra

Samsung will be launching the all-new Galaxy S22 as their next flagship and it was earlier rumored that the Ultra version of the smartphone could come with a 200MP camera sensor which would have been the first in the market. Similarly, companies like Xiaomi are also working on a new camera sensor of 200MP for their upcoming flagship. Now as per the latest update, the Galaxy S22 Ultra will not have a 200MP camera sensor. 

Instead, the company will be going ahead with the 108MP camera sensor. However, the 108MP sensor will not be the same one that the company is already using. The new sensor will be more refined and polished than before. One of the major reasons why Samsung is not using the 200MP sensor is that there is still a lot of work that needs to be done on the camera sensor and integrating it seamlessly with the smartphone. There are no details to the changes in the new 108MP sensor and we expect a few leaks to reveal in the future, which will provide more details about the smartphone. 

Another reason why Samsung might not be using the 200MP camera sensor is the quality and quantity required by the company. The supply chain for Samsung is still at its peak due to which they can face issues if they require the sensor in more quantity. We expect Samsung to provide us with a teaser for the same or provide us with some details about the future premium smartphone from the company.


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