Samsung to remove ads from their first-party apps in premium smartphones

One of the worst things that people usually had a complaint about within Samsung smartphones was the ads in the first-party apps. It is not only irritating for many customers but also decreases the user experience. However, it seems that Samsung has finally realized that it has started removing ads from the proprietary apps. These pre-installed apps had a lot of ads due to which the usability of these was decreased and users often went for alternative apps from Google Play Store.

Now, Samsung has decided to remove these banner apps from certain apps. The information was posted in the Samsung Community Forums, where the users noticed that the banner ads from the Samsung Weather and Samsung Pay app had been completely removed. The smartphone was Samsung S21 Ultra and the same was also noticed on the Samsung Health app, Samsung themes, and Members app as well. The moderator of the forum also confirmed that these ads on the app have been removed from October 1, which has been confirmed by Samsung Health Manager Operation.

YouTube video

Samsung already confirmed in August that they will be removing ads from the apps, but it was not clear as to when it will be done. Samsung also confirmed that the ads helped to seek new growth opportunities in advertising services for games and media and also the Galaxy ecosystem experience. Although the company has decided in the right direction, it is still only limited to its premium devices. There is no confirmation as to when the same will be implemented in other mid-level or smartphones from other segments as well.


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