Samsung to soon add RAM Plus feature to their budget and premium segment smartphones

Virtual memory is the next feature in the line that will be made common among phones in the future. It is still available on many smartphones but not all of them. The Samsung Galaxy A52s 5G which was launched by Samsung a while back also had this feature, named RAM Plus. For those, who do not know about it, the features use free 4GB onboard storage on your smartphone and convert it into RAM when required.

It would not only increase the performance of the smartphone but will boost the performance when required, like playing games. Now, it looks like Samsung would be the first company to extend the feature through their different smartphones and segments. While the feature was hidden in Galaxy A52s 5G, it will soon be available in mid-range and budget smartphones from Samsung. Infact, the feature will also be a part of their premium lineup as it is already there in Galaxy Z Fold 3.

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The feature was added to the smartphone through a software update and it seems that it will be added to all the other premium segment smartphones as well. The RAM Plus feature does have its limitations like it cannot be extended further than 4GB in any condition. However, we can expect things to change in the future as Samsung will be working on improvising this feature. Also, there is no option to turn off this feature. To check the feature, one can open the settings app on their Samsung phone and go into Battery>>Device Care>> Memory.


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