Samsung working on a new smartwatch with an expandable screen and camera

When it comes to smartwatches, Samsung has the best devices in the market. However, the new feature that has been hinted to be a part of Galaxy Watch 5, is something companies have only been trying to add in the future smartphones. Samsung has been working on a new prototype smartphone that not only has a camera but the screen can also be extended to be bigger. This would be a really interesting concept as companies like Huawei, Samsung, and others have been trying to add expandable screens on smartphones for a long time now.

The patent for an extendable screen and camera on the smartphone from Samsung was spotted by LetsGoDigital, and it shows that the new feature is currently in development and will be added to Galaxy Watch 5 in the future. The company launched Galaxy Watch 4 in the month of August this year and used Google Wear OS instead of their own Tizen operating system. It would be too soon to expect the smartphone features like extendable screen could be brought by next year.

YouTube video

The images that have been leaked on the internet show that the screen could be expanded vertically and would almost increase the screen size by 40%. Although the patent does not mean that the product will be launched with these features, since devices have been evolving, there is a chance that this technology will be used by Samsung in the future. It would definitely not be easy to get such a screen on a small device like a smartwatch, but it is Samsung we are talking about and we are definitely hoping to see some amazing products from them in the future.


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