Samsung’s Next-Gen Tablet, the Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra, Could Offer Impressive Performance and Durability Upgrades, According to Leaked Specs

The Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra is one of the best tablets made by Samsung, known for its high quality and performance. A new and enhanced model, the Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra, is in the works for release later this year. The new tablet will include a bespoke CPU, possibly extra memory, and an IP68 water resistance rating, according to well-known leaker Ice Universe. The Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra had a maximum RAM capacity of 16GB, but the new tablet might start with that amount and provide even more in higher-end models.

The IP68 classification, which would make the Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra dust- and water-resistant (a feature not present in prior generations), is one of the most interesting speculated additions. It would then be comparable to Apple’s iPad Pro. Only some things are going to change, though. The screen and body sizes, display resolution, and battery life of the Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra are anticipated to remain unchanged from those of its predecessor.

The only notable difference might be a slight weight gain of about 11 grams compared to the Samsung Tab S8 Ultra. Samsung will likely unveil the new tablet later this year at an Unpacked summer event, though we have yet to determine if any software modifications will be made.


At the end of this year, Samsung will show off the Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra, a new and improved Android tablet.

According to rumors, the tablet will include a unique CPU, possibly extra RAM, and IP68 water resistance.

With a slight increase in weight, the device is likely to have many of the same features as its predecessor.

Samsung will likely show off the tablet at an Unpacked event in the summer, which will occur later this year.

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