Samsung’s Hand Wash app is now available on Wear-OS based Galaxy Watch 4 series

After the pandemic hit the entire world last year, people started to take precautions to make sure that they are not infected by the disease. Due to this, things like washing hands, keep social distance, keeping oneself clean, using sanitizers became common habits for everyone across the world. This was a habit that even smartphone and tech companies wanted to tell their customers about. Last year, Samsung launched a new app called Hand Wash on the smartwatches based on Tizen. 

It regularly reminds people to wash their hands regularly which turned out to be very helpful for people all around the globe using Samsung tech. Now, the company has launched the same app on Wear OS 3-based Galaxy Watch 4 series as well. The app can be easily downloaded from Google Play Store. The best part about the app is that it will automatically detect when the user has washed their hands and will also provide a timer for its to make sure that the hands are washed properly within that time. 

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It also provides a dashboard for the users which provides them with the data as to how many times they have washed their hands on a certain day. The file size for the app is 18MB and is currently only available for Wear-OS Samsung Galaxy 4 series. If you have a non-Samsung Wear OS smartwatch, the app will not work. If you have the latest Galaxy smartwatch, then you should surely download this app as it creates a hygienic habit for you in the pandemic.


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