The satellite connectivity feature on the iPhone might be limited to emergency situations only

Recently news was leaked that the new iPhone 13 might add a new feature this year where the phone could also make satellite calls, something that would be a unique offering in the smartphone segment. The details for the same were provided by analyst Ming Kuo Chi. However, soon after a new report came in claiming that the satellite network feature might be very limited in use. Initially, it was expected that the feature would allow the users to make calls, send messages and use the internet in areas where cellular connectivity is not available. 

However, as per the new reports, the service will not be available all the time and will only be an emergency service. As per the latest reports, in case the user is not getting any cellular connectivity, they will be able to use the satellite to send an emergency message to anyone. This could be a life-saving feature for many people in emergency situations. It has also been said that this feature might not make it to iPhone 13 and might be released next year. 

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The messaging service via satellite will be added to the iMessage app on the iPhone and will be used to report emergencies in any case. The feature is said to be not coming on iPhone till next year so we can expect that any additions to iPhone 13 before were scrapped even if planned. However, we can still expect Apple to surprise us with something new in the Apple launch event.


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