Slack adds a new DM connect feature to connect with people outside your company.

Slack is one of the most interactive platforms when it comes to chatting with your professional teammates. The platform helps you to chat with your teammates and clients in order to do professional work. However, when you regularly chat with a client or employee, you need to send some important details through email as well, or maybe even schedule a meeting with them. In that case, a person had to go outside slack and do these activities. 

However, Slack has now added a feature where these things could easily be done on the same platform, which leaves Slack. The new feature is called Connect DMs that will let you chat with somebody outside your organization. It is very similar to an email but I chat form. Slack Connect was an initiative by Slack in June this year, which provided a way for multiple companies to a joint channel on their platform. The company confirms that the new feature is currently used by more than 56,000 organizations. 

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Connect DM is actually an extension of that feature. You simply need to generate a ling for starting the Connect DM feature and send it to one of your contacts. Once the invitation is accepted, you can chat with them directly on Slack. You will also have to revoke the invitation at any time. Also, your admin will have the option of adding the contact to a trusted contact list without any approvals. Slack will now also provide a tick mark for some organizations on slacks, similar to verified tick on Twitter.

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