Snap is working on new smart spectacles with AR capability

When it comes to AR, most of the software and app developers are trying to integrate the feature to provide more features to the users. Similarly, now Snap is designing a new set of spectacles to smart glasses that would have augmented reality capabilities. Before this, Snap has sold many other types of spectacles as well with smart features, but never before have they had one with AR features. Most of their existing offerings only have a camera unit installed which works to upload content to social network Snapchat. 

The new smart spectacles will be developed with AR capabilities but will not be made available to a normal consumer. It has been specifically designed for developers only and it could be used by them to design and create AR effects on Snapchat. Snap is hoping that the new spectacles will help the developers to build a new software experience for the users initially, after which it will be made available to all the users as well. The glasses will come with a display and will be the first one by Snap to do so. 

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It will be able to superimpose existing Snapchat lenses in the real world, allowing people to see Snapchat filters on actual objects and people. It will also have two camera units that can capture videos like the current version of glasses and upload them to Snapchat. The spectacles are expected to be showcased in May during the annual developer conference. Similarly, Apple is also working on the same concept which could be launched next year.


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