Sony acquires “God of War” maker Valkyrie Entertainment developers

If you have a Sony Playstation or have ever played on one, they might have heard or played the title God of War or GoW. It is one of the most popular and long-going game series on Sony Playstation devices and has millions of fans globally. The game was developed by Valkyrie Entertainment apart from various other popular games that they have created. Sony has recently announced that they will buy Valkyrie Entertainment for an undisclosed amount. With the addition of Valkyrie Entertainment, Sony has added more value to the Sony exclusive games for Playstation. 

It is not the only acquisition they have made this year, Infact, Sony has already acquired 4 other gaming developers this year, like Nixxes Software, “Returnal” developer Housemarque, Bluepoint Games, and Firesprite. Gaming has seen a large boom from the last two years due to the lockdown and restrictions, leading the people to stay at home. Due to this, companies like Sony have been trying to increase their exclusive gaming titles, giving people more reasons to buy a Playstation. 

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The Valkyrie Entertainment developers are also popular for making gaming titles like “Twisted Metal” and “inFAMOUS“.  The developers have also worked on Forza Motorsport, which is an exclusive gaming title for Xbox. The developer studio will continue to be run by the existing team of management and will definitely provide a lot of value to the Sony Playstation business. The gaming studio is also expected to create new and exclusive titles for the gaming console in the future.


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