Sony to add new features to the Sony Playstation app.

Sony Playstation 5 is about to launch and the company is regularly adding a lot of new features to the Sony Playstation app, which can be used with PS5 for more features. The Playstation five will be launched on November 12 and in the meanwhile, the Sony PlayStation app is also adding a big update to both iOS and Android versions. The new update will completely revamp the UI of the app, along with the support for voice chats and native PlayStation Store integration. 

The newly redesigned app includes a refreshed home screen that allows the user to see who is online and playing.  They can also access the PS message app which is integrated into the original PS5 app. Users can also create a party group for friends from the PS chat and contact up to 15 people. The app has also been optimized to make it smoother and faster. Users will not be able to download the game, launch, and store it quickly.  

A few days back, Google also added a remote gaming feature in its app through which the users can play the games on their smartphone. The news confirms that the changes will soon be showing on the app. Sony has already been working on a lot of new features for the Sony PlayStation app, which will be added in the future to the app. The changes that have been added to the app have been made to easily go with the new PlayStation 5 and the associated games.

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