Sony announces new PlayStation VR2 with new VR goggles and Sense controllers

The CES 2022 is on and Sony has already made some really big announcements. Sony has finally announced the next generation of VR for their Playstation gaming console and it brings a lot of new technology and features along with it. The company has announced a new and exclusive VR game, a new VR headset, which has been named PSVR 2, and much more. The company has unveiled Playstation VR 2 which comes with an upgraded headset and new controllers named Sense controllers.

The controllers and headset bring in new features like head and eye tracking, small vibration feedback for the users, and completely new and more powerful hardware. The new game announced at the same event was “Horizon, Call of the Mountains“, which has been created by Guerilla Games that is owned by Sony. It will be the first game to release which will use the new technology of Playstation VR2. The new generation wired gaming goggles will come with an OLED panel with increased resolution and a refresh rate of 120Hz.

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The company has not announced the pricing of the product for now and neither have they announced anything about the future plans related to the products. It is expected that the shipping of this product might be delayed due to the global supply chain delay. Also, Sony has been suffering from a shortage in the supply of components. Therefore, we can expect a few more weeks before the product is made available for order and shipping.

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