Sony acquires Bungie, gaming developers behind Destiny series and original creators of Halo

The acquisition of gaming companies or gaming studios is in the news nowadays. Recently, Microsoft made their biggest acquisition of Activision and now Sony seems to do so with Bungie. Sony has recently announced that it is acquiring Bungie, who are responsible for developing the Destiny series and were also the original creators of the Halo game. We know that Microsoft and Sony are two of the biggest competitors in the gaming world with their Xbox and Playstation consoles, and both of the companies have been trying to offer more exclusive titles to make their consoles a lot more valuable to the users.

In this attempt, Microsoft acquired Activision and now Sony has acquired Bungie. As per the details that have been reported by The Verge, the deal is worth $3.6 billion. Although it does not count much when we compare it to the $70 billion deal Microsoft is paying for Activision, Sony has still been able to acquire Bungie at a good value. Bungie was earlier purchased by Microsoft in the year 2000 and then was split from the company in 2007, which made it an independent company again.

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Another thing that Sony has confirmed is that titles like Destiny 2 will continue to support cross-platform play and will not be made exclusive for Sony in any case. Bungie will be allowed to work in the same way as before and they will have full independence with game development, Sony said. It appears that the deal was made by Sony only to keep Microsoft’s hand off the gaming studio

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