The new version of the Sony Playstation 5 has a smaller heatsink, which not be a good news

One of the best gaming consoles right now to get your hands on is Sony Playstation 5 and due to this, we have noticed a huge demand for the same and a lack of supply. Although Sony has been trying its best, it is still managing to complete the stocks as per the demand all over the world. Now, Sony is going to update the Sony Playstation 5 console with a new model number and minor changes. The updated console that has been spotted comes with a thumb screen instead of traditional screws, which reduces the weight of the console by 300 grams. 

Also, it was noticed by one of the Youtubers’ Austin Evans that the new console turned out to be hotter than the previous one by three degrees, due to which he went ahead with a teardown of the console and posted it on the channel. It was noticed that the older PS5 had a bigger heatsink when compared to the new one, but the newer heatsink on the updated model had a better fan unit. Also, the bigger fan does not make a difference as the older version of the PS5 was much better at cooling. 

YouTube video

The new heat sink might not be as effective as the original one, but it led to weight reduction and less production cost as well. However, Youtube felt that the new heatsink could limit the performance of the device and also change the longevity of its performance. The change in the performance would be noticeable in the future when most of the users start using the new console.


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