Sony just announced the PS5 restock today

One of the major problems with PS5 that the users had to face for a long time after its launch was the re-stocking issue. The new generation console was selling like a hot cake due to which it kept on going out of stock from the stores as soon as it was restocked. Sony already promised the customers about the issue and said that they have been consistently working on bringing new stocks to the stores and online stores as fast as they can. Now, Sony has posted a Tweet claiming that PS5 consoles will be available on its site sometime today. 

The account also recommends that users keep notifications on as PS5 restock will likely be limited and will sell out fast. The company has not confirmed whether the console will be limited to certain loyal customers or anyone with a reward account, however, it would be a good idea for people to sign up for Sony Rewards account just in case they have not till now. It shows that the company has already been prepping up to restock the PS5 console in large numbers at various geographical locations and the debates on the same have already started on Twitter as well. 

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Currently, the company has made no statements about the re-stocking issue of the PS5 console in the offline store However, it would be a much better bet for the consumers to try checking out the restock of the PS5 on the official Sony website through the rewards account, as it has more probability of them getting to buy one.


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