We could soon see a reboot of the Nokia N95.

For those who have used Nokia smartphones at the age when Android was not available and all the features of Nokia smartphones were available on Symbian OS, understand the value those phones had at that time. One of the most popular handsets of that time was the Nokia N95. Occasionally Nokia revamps their old lineup of phones and brings out a new version of the same to live back the feeling of nostalgia, which is very popular among Nokia fans. 

Now, the company will be rebooting the classic N95 models into the new-age shape of an android smartphone and will have some killer media features. One of the premium features of the old N95 was the sliding speakers. The phone will not carry forward the same slider, but a different one with a different mechanism. The new prototype was shown by Michael Fisher aka MrMobile. This time, the slide exposes a powerful set of speakers, including a front-facing camera and LED flash. 

YouTube video

At the rear, the camera panel has a ring that could be used as a stand and a beautiful screen for better viewing angles and quality. The reboot prototype of the Nokia N95 does seem to be pretty cool and will bring in an entirely new design formula for their new range of rebooted smartphones. It is expected that the phone will be launched next year as the prototype model is being tested and will come with a lot of new features and optimization in the new model.

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