SpaceX NS5 prototype makes a successful attempt towards Mars

SpaceX has been one of the most innovative companies of the decade, and Elon Musk is leaving no stones unturned in bringing out new and power-efficient technology. Recently, the company has launched a new prototype ship towards Mars, to make humans multiplanetary species. In Boca Chica, the company has performed a 500-foot hop in what is named to be the SN5 prototype ship.

The prototype was shaped very oddly and looked nothing like a ship. It was designed like a cylindrically shaped tunnel, which rose to around 150 meters through a single Raptor engine. The nine-story tall ship, then gently returned to the ground and landed upright near the take-off position. It is not the first time that SpaceX has tried to make a spaceship to travel to Mars. There have been attempts before, but many failed during the pressurization test and were not able to leave the ground.

However, SN5 was designed for orbital flight, but it was decided that the ship will only do a small hop for testing purposes. It is not the final design of the spaceship, but just a tiny model of what SpaceX has been designing for their final project. Although this model did not have a nose, the final project design will be different and look like a rocket with a pointed nose. The shape of this NS5 was very similar to what a thermos looks like. The company has been going through a great and successful time recently when they brought back NASA astronauts Bob Behnken and Doug Hurley from the International Space Station and splashed down in the Gulf of Mexico over the weekend.

SpaceX has been trying to solve the question of “Whether humans can travel to Mars” with all their technology and innovation. It is expected that this successful flight result would bring out a lot more from the company, which everyone is excited to see.


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