Spotify adds “What’s New” button for notifications on the latest music and podcast by artist

One of the major features that users of Spotify have been waiting for is the notifications for the artist they follow and now it has been added to the app. Spotify has added a “What’s New” section on the top right of the app which will provide you notifications about the music and podcast released by your favorite artist or the one you follow. The new feature will be rolling out on both Android and iOS in the next few weeks for global users. 

The new feature will show as the bell icon on the top right of the home screen. If there is a new notification it will show it as a blue dot on the bell. One simply has to tap the Follow button for any feed, artist, and podcast for the related notification to show in the What’s New section. Spotify has also clarified that it will be updated in real-time so the users will be able to hear the content as soon as it has been released. The new feature will be great to track new music and podcasts for the users. 

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Before this, it was not easy for the users to detect and know about the released content in real-time and they had to manually check it on the app. Apart from this, Spotify has already been working on a lot of new features for the app that is still under development and will still take a few months before it is finally released for global users.


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