Spotify announces their first in-car infotainment device, “Car Thing”

When it comes to podcasts, Spotify is one name that everyone recognizes, and now the company is trying to expand its reach to the consumers. Now, the company has stepped into another platform and has announced their first hardware device called the “Car Thing“. Designed for cars, it is a dash-mounted music and podcast player. The device has been designed by the company to provide the users with a premium and personalized listening experience in the car and also have an infotainment system with new and premium features. 

The device has been specifically focused on Spotify users with premium subscriptions. The device will have a touch screen along with navigation through a physical knob and feature control through voice. The device will also have customizable and configurable buttons. It goes without saying that the users will be able to easily access all the playlist, music and podcast with a much premium experience. The User experience is going to be similar when compared to the Spotify mobile app and will also allow the users to control the device using voice control like, “Hey Spotify“. 

YouTube video

In terms of connectivity, the user will have the option of Bluetooth, Aux cable, and USB cable. The device will come along with a USB C-able, a charger specifically designed for car usage, and three types of dash and vent mounts. The device has been priced at $79.99, which is INR 6,010 in Indian currency and will be offered to US customers for now through an invite-only system to premium users.


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