Squid Games based apps found to affect smartphones with Joker malware

One of the most popular Netflix series right now is Squid Game, and many developers have created apps based on the same series to make sure that they can attract a lot of users. One such app was “Squid Game Wallpaper 4K HD“, which has now been flagged by Google Play Store as a malicious app. The app was found to be spreading the Joker malware which has been known to affect a lot of devices in the past. Squid Game has undoubtedly become the most popular series on Netflix globally and due to the same, many users are searching for apps, wallpapers, and games similar to that for their devices.

While the show has become a hot topic around the world, it has tempted people into downloading content from the internet and other apps which have installed malware, giving the cybercriminals a doorway into their devices and data. The Squid Game Wallpaper 4K HD was recently flagged by Google Play Store due to the malware, which was first detected by ESET researcher Lukas Stefanko. The app has been said to be downloaded over 5,000 times till now before it was taken down.

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The malware could exploit all the important files and components of the Android operating system like native libraries, APK payloads, and more. Joker malware has been existing for a few years now and there are more than 200 more apps that have been detected on the Play Store which have the same malware. Therefore, the users who have installed the Wallpaper app have been suggested to uninstall it almost immediately. Google is currently checking for more apps that have been created based on the popular Netflix series and might have components that can affect the user’s device.


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