Take Control of Your Investments: Introducing the Google App’s Finance Widget

Throughout our busy days, Google Search is vital in assisting us with various tasks. For individuals interested in finance and keeping tabs on their investments, the Discover feed offers many finance-related news. However, amidst the overwhelming amount of information, it becomes challenging to monitor the performance of investments through multiple Google searches. Fortunately, Android users can now access a new Google app widget that simplifies market tracking.

As part of its major feature rollout in June, Google introduced the Finance widget within the Google app. This widget allows users to conveniently monitor indexes, cryptocurrencies, and stock prices from global markets. Users can quickly grasp the performance with a detailed daily graph displaying one stock, its current price, percentage increase or decrease throughout the day, and an up or down arrow symbolizing the change. Additionally, below the graph, the widget provides a selection of stocks from the user’s watchlist, which can be managed through a shortcut at the bottom, along with a manual refresh button. Tapping on any followed investment within the widget leads to a Google Search results page with more comprehensive information.

Exploring the widget settings reveals the ability to customize the featured stock, index, or cryptocurrency displayed at the top of the widget’s prominent graph. Users can opt for a specific store with a significant investment or choose the most crucial gain or loss recorded on a given day. Moreover, the remaining assets can be sorted alphabetically by symbol or percentage change throughout the day, in ascending or descending order.

Configuring the stocks you follow on Google employs a web-based interface accessible through the Watchlist button in the widget’s lower-left corner or by visiting google.com/finance. This interface allows users to track different indices, stocks in which they have invested, and their interest in cryptocurrencies. To facilitate organization, Google permits the creation of multiple watchlists.

While the new widget is currently available in the latest beta update via the Google Play Store, the stable version should include this feature soon following the recent announcement. For non-beta testers, it is possible to sideload the Google app beta from APKMirror and utilize the widget immediately.

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