Telegram’s Feature-Packed Update 9.6 Offers Better Bot Functionality and Access to Send When Online

Telegram is a popular encrypted messaging app for Android that provides its users various features. Telegram’s developers published version 9.6 of the app only a month after the previous version. This update includes both cosmetic and functional changes.
Shareable chat folders are one of the new features included in Telegram 9.6. This tool allows users to share discussions with friends, family, or colleagues, making it easier to track many conversations. Users can also share public meetings or groups for which they are administrators. The app’s settings menu allows you to enable chat folders.

Custom backgrounds are another new feature in Telegram 9.6. Users can now add photographs from their gallery to the app’s default options. This feature allows users to personalize their chats. On Android, the wallpaper selection is accessible via the three-dot overflow menu in the chat header. When a user adds a wallpaper to a discussion, the other person receives an interactive “special message,” allowing them to add the same wallpaper to the conversation.
Telegram 9.6 further enhances bots by enabling them to launch web apps from any chat. Compatible bots can be utilized as a mention or direct link, and these web apps can be found within groups that allow all users to participate. This paves the way for multiplayer and collaborative online apps for groups or one-on-one talks. With the Telegram API now available, more developers may create online apps or games with a multiplayer component.

Telegram’s attachment menu now scrolls faster, and bots can use collectible usernames introduced last year. Furthermore, Telegram 9.6 allows users to form a group without adding members, which might help pin notes or change permissions before inviting people.
Finally, topic-enabled groups with fewer than 100 members can derive more information from read receipts, such as when other members viewed your message.

The Telegram 9.6 update is now available, and users may check the Play Store for updates or download Telegram 9.6 from APKMirror. Thanks to these additional features, Telegram remains a popular choice for Android users looking for safe and reliable chat software.

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