The countdown begins: Google confirms AI chatbot for search, but release date still unknown

For many years, Google Search has dominated the market for search engines, but introducing cutting-edge AI chatbots like ChatGPT might seriously threaten the computer giant. Google must catch up with Microsoft, which has already integrated AI into its Bing search engine. According to Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google, a Google Search AI chatbot is under development, although many details are yet unknown.

Here are the specifics: In an interview with The Wall Street Journal, Pichai talked about the creation of an AI Search chatbot. He said that users would “definitely” be able to interact with language learning models while searching. Pichai withheld more details, like the release date or whether this chatbot would be built on Google Bard, which debuted in March.

The nature of competition has changed as AI chatbots gain popularity in the search engine industry. Microsoft’s Bing search engine already has an AI chatbot, and OpenAI’s ChatGPT has become a serious competitor. To keep its hegemonic position, Google must act rapidly. In 2021, search, which is Google’s primary source of income, generated $162 billion. It may suffer severe financial repercussions if its market share is lost to AI chatbots or even Bing, which has frequently been made fun of.

One of the biggest threats Google has ever faced is the creation of a Google Search AI chatbot, which is essential to overcoming these difficulties. Despite CEO Sundar Pichai’s confirmation that the company is developing a search AI chatbot, many unanswered questions remain. Google must act rapidly to preserve its supremacy and safeguard its revenue as AI chatbots continue to change the search engine landscape. Industry insiders and users alike will be eagerly following Google’s next move in AI because rivals like Bing and ChatGPT have already made progress.

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