The new and better than ever Corning Gorilla Glass is here

The Corning Gorilla Glass is one of the oldest parts used in smartphone screens, ever since touchscreen technology was introduced. There would rarely be any phone that does not have the Gorilla Glass protection. We all know that it protects the screen from any scratches and is also tougher than any other glass. The company has recently announced its new Gorilla Glass, which is much tougher than its previous version. The new version of Gorilla Glass is said to easily handle a six-foot drop, with the ability to resist scratches. It is also the first new version of the glass in a couple of years. 

The new version’s name is Gorilla Glass Victus, which is made to make the existing features of the previous Gorilla Glass even better. The company uses a process called annealing, similar to (but not the same thing as) tempering, which is the secret to their glasses’ durability. It also has been a secret for their company for over a century.

The processes use heating and cooling to toughen glass, but where annealing lets the heated glass come down to room temperature naturally, tempering douses its temperature rapidly. It not only increases the strength in the glass but also makes it resist scratches and scuff marks. It is the reason why it was used as one of the first products for smartphone screens. 

However, due to the degraded quality in the last few versions, the new version was really important for the company, bringing the same features, for which the company was known. It is still not clear which smartphone company will be using this for their next and upcoming phones. However, since Apple is a client of Corning’s, it is expected that they might want to add this technology to their phone in the future.

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