The new Motorola Razr to arrive on October 2, with up to $700 discount.

Moto Razr has been one of the best selling phones for Motorola and still continues to be the same. Even since the launch of the new Moto Razr, the company has been trying to relive the same moment with customers as they did when they launched the first-ever Moto Razr more than a decade ago. Now, the company is all set to launch its all-new version of the Moto Razr with improvements and upgrades added to the previous model. However, is the new Moto Razr better than the one that came out in February. 

The newer version certainly comes with some improvement over the previous model and has a much more refined design and build, supports the new 5G band, and has a new camera with upgrades to the outer screen. However, one thing that certainly has not been the best part of the package is the pricing. Now Motorola has announced the new version of the Motorola Razr phone will be available for purchase from October 2, with a special offer that can help you save from $200 to $700 on the purchase. 

The company has announced that the new Razr will be available unlocked for $200 off at Motorola, Amazon, Best Buy, and B&H Photo, no contract needed. Therefore, you will not have to buy a mobile plan for a year or contracts, and can simply use your existing sim. Even AT&T has some great offers for the new Razr. If the users trade an eligible device and purchase an unlimited data with the Phone on monthly installments, the user can get the phone at just half the price of $700, since the phone is originally priced at $1400. 

Existing AT&T customers can add a line to get a $400 discount or upgrade your phone to get up to $300 off. Even T-Mobile is offering a $700 discount in the form of 24 monthly bill credits. Also, if you do not get a new connection, you can get a $400 discount on trading your old eligible phone.


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