The UK researches found that sending one email less can cut down on carbon emission by 16,000 tonnes

An Email has been there for a long while now and there won’t be a single person now who has not used e-mail or does not know about it. E-mails have been one of the most efficient and best ways to communicate both professionally and personally, due to which almost all know tech companies like Microsoft, Apple, and others have an Email service. However, did you ever think that sending an e-mail could pollute your environment? 

It might seem surprising and odd at the same point, but a team of researchers from OVO energy has found that sending unnecessary emails every day is pumping thousands of tonnes of carbon into the atmosphere. It is all because of the power that is consumed while sending and receiving the message in the mailbox. As per the experts, it contributes almost more than 23,000 tonnes of carbon a year to the UK alone. As per them, almost half the email that is being sent in the UK are of no relevance and if cut down, it could help to bring down the carbon levels in the atmosphere by 16,000 tonnes. 

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If real, these numbers are really big and could majorly improve the environment in the country. The study has been considered by British officials working on plans to tackle climate change. The e-mails that are sent creates the carbon footprint from a combination of the electricity used to power the devices on which it is written and read, the networks that transmit the data, and the data centers that store it. Researchers also believe that the importance and role of the IT sector are very crucial in decreasing the carbon emission in the environment.


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