Tinder to use ID verification to check for fake profiles

Dating apps have become common these days and millions of users have been using them to find friends and people they can communicate or date with. However, one of the most common issues that users have been facing on such platforms is fake profiles. There are a lot of genuine users on such platforms, but then one can also find many fake profiles that do not have genuine information about the users. One of the most popular dating apps, Tinder has finally found a way to resolve the issue or at least make the users provide their genuine information while making the profile. 

Tinder will soon be launching a new way to verify the users on the dating application to confirm if they are authentic. Once applied, a person can only register and use the app if they have an ID card used to register their details. The same policy has been applied in Tinder for Japan, where the users will have to provide a government-registered ID like a passport, driver’s license, etc. Tinder will be expanding the same policies to the global users slowly to identify if the profile has been created by a real person. 

For now, ID verification will not be mandatory but it can be made mandatory in the future. Tinder feels that it makes the platform safe and also increases the chances of users interacting with a real person and getting matched. Tinder has not given any kind of specific as to how the ID details will be managed with privacy and security, but as the policy will be implemented globally, the information will soon be released.

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