Truecaller adds group voice calling, Smart SMS, and Inbox calling feature

For those of you using Android smartphones, would be familiar with the caller identification app Truecaller. The app has been adding a lot of new features for the users and the latest updates add a lot of new smart updates. One of the most prominent features that will be added with the new update is group voice calling. As per the official details from Truecaller, the feature has been included in the app as per user requirements and feedback. Apart from group voice calls, the other two features to be added in the update are Smart SMS and Inbox cleaner. 

The group voice call feature has been one of the most used and most developed features in the last year due to pandemics and has been adopted by many companies to work remotely. Using the group voice call feature from Truecaller, the users will be able to make cross-border calls with up to eight users at one time. The Smart SMS features have been specifically created to categorize the messages and remove spam, remind the users about the payments and categorize other useful information. The third feature, which is Inbox cleaner, will help smartphone users free up space by removing messages. 

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The group voice calling feature allows the users to call users without adding them to the phonebook and also identifies spam during a call if the number has been added with the user’s knowledge. Also, one can see the status of the users and the city they have been calling from. It also provides a feature to call the previously called users from the log. The feature has currently been rolled out in India, Kenya, Nigeria, and South Africa. After getting more user feedback on the same, the company plans to make it available in countries like Egypt, Indonesia, Malaysia, Sweden, and the US.


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