Twitch streaming returns to Xbox dashboard

Twitch has been one of the primary platforms for gamers to live stream games, be it any platform. Microsoft has Twitch streaming integration on Xbox in 2014, where it was directly integrated into the Xbox dashboard. However, the feature was later removed from the Xbox dashboard. However, Microsoft will soon be returning with the same feature again, as it is currently under beta testing. This time, the Twitch streaming interface will be integrated on the Xbox dashboard with webcam support.

The feature is currently accessible for Alpha and Skip-Ahead alpha Xbox testers. The feature can be used to adjust the volume of the game and microphone along with users being able to see the list of viewers and how long the streaming has been going on. The new control also allows the users to switch the resolution and bit rates between 360p at 500kbps up to 1080p at 6500kbps. Now, the users will also be able to use USB-connected webcams on Twitch streaming like the plug and play devices.

Twitch streaming was possible before as well but only inside the app, but now with the integration feature to the dashboard back in Xbox, the streaming on the platform will become much easier. The new Twitch integration will take a couple of months before it is released for the global users and once all the bugs have been removed during the beta testing phase. If you are a Twitch streamer, then this feature is surely going to make streaming Xbox games much easier.


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