Twitter adds captions to voice tweets

Captions are very important for a video or audio in case the listener or viewer is unable to understand the language of the audio or is unable to hear the audio. Something very similar was expected from Twitter when they launched the voice tweets feature on their platform. However, the company decided not to add the captions to the feature at that time. Twitter has now finally decided to roll out the captions for the voice tweet feature which was launched in June last year. 

The voice tweet feature is currently only available to the iOS device and now when you create a voice tweet, the platform will automatically create the captions for the same in the language options like English, Japanese, Spanish, Portuguese, Turkish, Arabic, Hindi, French, Indonesian, Korean, and Italian. In order to see the caption or hide them, the user can click on the CC button icon that will be available on the top right corner of the tweet window. 

YouTube video

Although, the feature will not be applicable to the older tweets which have already been made. After installing the new update, the captions will only be created for any new voice tweet. The Twitter team behind the feature announced it and has confirmed that the users might see some variation in the captions, which will be improved with time. Captions are also provided by Twitter in Spaces social audio rooms where it can be turned off or on using the CC icon. The absence of this feature was highly criticized before and now it’s there, people will use voice tweets more easily.


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