Twitter launches new API for developers

Twitter has been a lot in news recently, be it the security breach issue or the news of new subscription plans that the microblogging site is working on. As per the recent news, the company has launched its new API, which is meant to improve third-party apps integrate with the platform. The new API has been created by Twitter after listening to developers’ feedback, to make API more flexible to apps like Tweetbot and similar others. As per the official statement by Twitter, the new API is going to be much easier and cleaner to use by developers, when compared to the older version where on approach was followed for any third-party app.

The new API also brings in three new product tracks. App developers who are building something for fun, for a good cause, and to learn or teach. The new API also brings in academic research and business tracks. The approach is very different from what Twitter has been doing in the past and the developers have really appreciated Twitter for doing so. It is still not clear from the new API whether the developers will be able to have the feature of push notification and feed refresh. However, Twitter has committed that the developers will see a lot of changes in the future API for Twitter and API will be much friendlier than it was before.

Twitter has also made sure that that feedback regarding this new API is constantly heard of from developers so that they can make out how the new changes will affect the platform.


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