Twitter to provide personalized rejection e-mail for account verification

If you have ever noticed a blue tick mark on the Twitter account, then you should know that it is a way for Twitter to confirm the authenticity of the account. The blue tick on the account name confirms that it has been verified. In order to get the blue tick mark for your account, you will have to contact Twitter and place a request for the same and once you meet their criteria and show the ownership of the account by the genuine person, you get the verification mark. 

However, if the user does not get approved, they are simply rejected without any kind of reason from Twitter. Now, Twitter is going to send more personal mail to the users, letting them know why the verification process of the account was rejected. The company made clear that they have made the changes to make sure that the user gets a thorough explanation as to why they failed to meet the verification requirements. So now the users will not get the generic emails they used to get in the same condition. 

In fact, the email will be personalized as per the user. Twitter has currently opened the verification process only to a few brands, companies, and others who are popular or represent a brand name. The same has not been done for the general public for now, but they will soon be doing it for the public as well and the entire process here will be kept transparent with the users.


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