Twitter to add a tipping button for publishers and creators

One of the features that Twitter was working on for a long time was allowing the creators and publishers to have a tipping button on their profile, which now seems to be coming soon to the platform. Everyone who has a blog or is a creator knows about the concept of tipping.  It is also a great option to keep the creators and publishers motivated to provide the users with genuine and authentic information. The details about the same were shared a few days back by researcher Jane Manchun Wong. 

He shared some images which showed a new tipping button on the right side of the profile. The name for the feature has been kept as “Tip Jar” and will be available for Twitter Spaces. Twitter has also been working with many other designs for the tipping button and the Super follow button as well. It would also allow the creators to charge the viewers for exclusive and extra content. The feature has not been officially announced, but we all know that it will soon hit the platform. 

Whether there would be any kind of restriction on the tipping feature, is still unknown. However, it does seem like verified users will only be able to use this feature. Apart from that, Twitter has also been working on many new features which still seem to be under development and could soon be launched in the coming months. One of such features is based on a subscription where the users will be able to subscribe through a payment to a certain publisher and creator on Twitter.


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