Twitter might soon let users connect their Google account to Log In and Sign up

For users, Signing up to a website or a new platform includes the tiresome process of filling out all the details and forms to finally get their account set up. However, Google does provide the users an easy option to log in using their Google account directly into any website and app. It avoids the long process of filling out all the information from the users as all the details are taken from the Google account. 

The same process is also used by many popular websites over the internet which allows users to log in to the platform simply using the Google account. Now it seems that even Twitter is going to add the same option for the users. App investigation, Jane Wong has confirmed that Twitter is finally going to enable the Google account integration, allowing the users to log in with the Google account. 

The investigator has also shared a screenshot for the same where along with the Login and Sign up option, one can also see the “Continue with Google” option. Now this will allow the users to integrate their Google account with their existing Twitter account or Sign up entirely for a new account using their Google account. The process still seems to be under development so it might take weeks or months before it is publically released for users. It is definitely a lot more convenient for the users, especially when it is not easy to remember the password for the account. Let’s expect Twitter to roll out the feature as soon as possible.

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