User data of 700 million LinkedIn users leaked

Another instance has happened related to users’ data leak, and this time, it has happened with LinkedIn. It has been found and reported that the user data of around 700 million LinkedIn users have been leaked and posted on a hackers forum. The data was found by analyst Privacy Sharks and confirmed that the data from LinkedIn is currently for sale on the RaidForums website. The user who has posted the data for sale is “GOD User TomLiner.” 

The post also provides a sample of data for around 1 million users and includes the data of around 700 million users. The sample checked by Privacy sharks confirms that the data includes names, gender, email address, phone number, and other industry information. Previous to this another such instance happened in April this year where the data of 500 million users from LinkedIn was leaked. When the issue was reported to LinkedIn, they claimed that no such leak has been conducted on the LinkedIn servers, but they are currently investigating the issue. 

They claim that the data has been scraped from other third-party websites. It is not yet confirmed if the data that has been posted for sale is the latest hack or leak, or the data is from previous leaks in the past. The analyst has also confirmed that the data does not contain any sensitive information of the users. However, the details that have been leaked could lead to spam and other types of scams with LinkedIn users.

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