Users who upgraded to iOS 15 are facing touch sensitivity issues

Ever since the iPhone 13 has been launched along with iOS 15, users have been facing a lot of issues while using the smartphone. One of the major issues that popped up a week back was that the users were unable to unlock their iPhones using their Apple Watch. Although that issue has been resolved through an update right now, there are a lot of other minor issues as well. Some of them are lost images, the phone shows no sim card, and others.

These are just other small-scale issues that will be resolved with regular updates. However, a large-scale bug has seemed to emerge for the iPhone 13 series recently, as er which the users are facing any issue with the touch sensitivity. As per the complaints on Reddit, the users are unable to get any response from the touch screen. Although the issue has not been resolved yet, the temporary fix for the same is to restart the smartphone and the issue will be resolved.

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The complaints could be found on Twitter, Apple support posts, Weibo, and more. Some of the users have also said that they are facing the same issue when they upgraded their old smartphone with iOS 15, but the large-scale issue seems to be with the iPhone13 series. Therefore, it most likely seems to be a hardware issue in the latest smartphone. iPhone 13 is high in price and users expect a seamless experience when they pay such a price. Therefore, so many bugs coming out from the stable version of iOS 15 from Apple, seem to be a surprise.


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