Western Digital to step into Cloud storage with Hard drive rental subscription service

Western Digital is known globally for being one of the best brands when it comes to digital hard drives for computers. The company has been one of the best and has excelled in providing a storage solution to its users. However, it seems that the company is coming up with a new kind of service, that might not be preferred by everyone. The new service is the “Monthly Subscription Program” and is an exclusive scheme by WD. As per the details mentioned on the website, “For a low monthly price, you can keep your files and data stored on a drive of your choice, and upgrade your storage whenever you want“. 

Now there are three different types of subscriptions you can select from. It is a 1TB Sandisk ibi Smart Photo Manager, and 4TB and 8TB My Cloud Home personal cloud storage devices, for a monthly fee of $5.99, $9.99, and $17.99 respectively. Apart from this, there are three different storage solutions that you can opt from, that is basically external storage, outright for $99.99, $179.99, or $279.99 respectively. Now the thing that users need to know is that the cloud management system is free when you purchase the personal cloud storage solutions. 

Also, you will have to use the devices for almost 18 months to use their value of services. It seems that the company is trying to set up themselves in the category of cloud management after having success with hardware storage. The subscription services do not seem that enticing but with some improvement, the company can really mark their step in the world of cloud storage.


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