WhatsApp will now allow users to report a single message in message reporting

WhatsApp has been working on a lot of new features to make its app more feature-rich, but apart from that, the team is also working on making the app a lot more secure. It has been reported that WhatsApp is going to change the way message reporting was done by the users. For now, if the users want to report a message, the last five messages from the users will be forwarded to WhatsApp automatically and it will be checked further to see if the user needs to be banned. 

The new message reporting system is currently being tested in the beta phase on the Android device and allows the users to select the single message from chat and then report it to the company. It would provide complete control to the user on the message they want to forward to the company. The screenshot has been shared by WBetaInfo on the internet which shows how one message can be selected and then reported to the company. 

YouTube video

The feature will be applicable both in group chats and individual chats as well. Also, if you are messaging someone in a business account or receiving messages from a business account, it can be reported in a similar way. As per Facebook, which owns WhatsApp, the feature would allow moderators to make a better decision if the user needs to be banned or not. It is expected that the feature will not take a lot of time before it makes it to the stable version of the Android operating system and then later to the iOS version. 

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