The new WhatsApp feature would allow you to pause voice recording message

WhatsApp is working on a lot of new features which have already made the beta stage and will soon be rolled out as a stable version for global users. One of the most awaited features of multi-device support was also released in beta earlier this year. Now, the messaging platform is adding a new feature to improve voice recording in messages. Previously, they added the feature where the users are able to control the playback speed and can increase it to 1.5x and 2x. 

Now the new feature would allow the users to pause the voice recordings and continue from the same point again. The information was provided by WABetaInfo, who always have trusted information about the features released in the beta stage. The feature is not completely developed and is still under the development stage. It is expected to come on the beta platform in the coming months and from there another couple of months for the stable global version. The feature would allow you to pause the voice recording mid-way and then continue from the same point when ready. 

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The voice message will be sent as a continuous message to the other person without any interruptions. The screenshot from the same that has been leaked shows three buttons for delete, record, and pause, and send to the recipient. So if you use voice messages very frequently on the WhatsApp platform, then this is going to be a great addition as a feature. The feature will soon be released in the beta testing stage where more information about the feature will be known.


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