WhatsApp launching a new feature to easily migrate the app data from iOS to Android

One of the major issues that WhatsApp users have been facing for a long time is the migration from iOS to Android and vice-versa. Since the app uses different cloud services on both OS, the back is not migrated to a device of a different platform. However, the company is now enabling a new feature after which, users will easily be able to shift the Whatsapp chat from iOS devices to Android. WhatsApp has been working on a new tool for a couple of months that would allow easy migration for users who are changing smartphones from iOS to Android. 

The new migration tool is now ready and will soon be launched for users. The only catch in this is that not all users will be able to use it for now. The feature was announced in the Galaxy Unpacked event, where Samsung demonstrated how users can transfer the messages and data from WhatsApp if they are coming over from iOS to Android. The feature is currently exclusive to Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Z Flip3 but the feature will slowly be made available to all other Samsung phones running on Android 10. 

After that, it will be available to all smartphones running on Android, regardless of the manufacturer. However, using the method will also make Google Drive on Drive backup the recently migrated data, which would remove the WhatsApp data that already existed on Google Drive. WhatsApp will soon announce when the feature will be made publically available to all users.

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