WhatsApp multi-device support feature is out in beta

One of the major features that WhatsApp has been working on for a long time is the multi-device support. The company has now released the feature in the beta version of the app for testers and it is available for limited users for a limited time. This will be the final step before launching the feature for the general public. This stage will help WhatsApp to find any type of bugs and resolve them to perfect the feature. The announcement for the same was made by the Facebook team and they also explained the working of this feature. 

After the feature is made available to all, users will be able to use the same WhatsApp account simultaneously on multiple devices at once. For now, the users cannot use the same account on more than one smartphone. However, after the feature is enabled, the WhatsApp account can be used on multiple devices and multiple platforms. It will make sure that each device acts individually to keep the devices synchronized at the same time. Even if the primary device on which the WhatsApp account was set up is not available or switched off, the messages can be sent using other devices. 

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The data sent from any device will be end-to-end encrypted as before. However, there are still a lot of drawbacks to this feature which might be resolved until the final version of it comes out. First, the companion devices cannot be a smartphone and one cannot send the location on WhatsApp using the companion devices. Also, these devices will not be able to make calls. This functionality has only been limited to the primary device.

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