WhatsApp working on a new feature to mute message reactions

WhatsApp has been continuously adding new features to its platform which has allowed it to gain a huge competitive edge over its competitors. Not only that, it has allowed users to have more features and ease of access as well. As per a recent discovery from WABetaInfo, WhatsApp is now working on a new feature on its platform which allows users to mute the notifications for message reaction. The new feature was found in the WhatsApp Desktop client beta version 2.2147.11. 

The new feature is currently also being developed for the iOS and Android versions as well and will have the same kind of functionality. Once the feature has been added to the platform, the users will have another option in notifications where they can mute the reactions to the messages. The only difference that has been detected is that the desktop client will only have the option to mute the reactions for all messages, which would include messages from individuals and groups. 

However, smartphone users will have the option to mute either group or individual message reactions. WhatsApp has not confirmed when the feature will be released for global users. As per them, the feature is still in the early stages of development and would require time before it is launched. However, the feature is going to be very useful where the users can get rid of unwanted notifications for reaction to messages. Apart from this, the company is working on many new features that are still under the beta stage and will soon be released globally.

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