WhatsApp new privacy features do not allow stalkers to see your last online status

WhatsApp has always kept privacy as the topmost priority for its users. It is why the messaging platform has added a new privacy feature that would not allow any third-party stalkers to know about your details. The new feature allows the users to hide their last seen and online activities from everyone or from individuals who are not on the contact list. Last year, Apple added a new feature on iOS where the users had the choice of not allowing them to track them without their acceptance.

There are many different kinds of applications that often track the activity of the users without them even knowing about it. This new feature on WhatsApp will definitely be another wall of privacy for the users where any unknown app or person will not be able to track them through WhatsApp. The feature will work on both individual and business accounts and will definitely make it harder for people who are not in the contact list or are unknown to see the last online status of the users.

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Not only the unknown people, but even the third-party apps will also not be able to keep off the users through WhatsApp when the feature is activated. Unless the third-party apps are not on your contact list, they will not be able to see whether you are active on WhatsApp or not. The new feature will be made available on both iOS and Android and will not change the setting for existing chats with contacts.

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